Earth TribeEarth Tribe is a forum for people who want to take action to preserve our planet. We provide information, ideas, news, contacts and notification of actions taking place around the world so that you can get involved.

Our emphasis is on taking action. There are a lot of “feel-good” activities you can do to convince yourself you are doing your part for the planet. But our emphasis is on encouraging people to get to grips with the challenges, get out of their comfort zone, and make changes that really make a difference to the environment, all species and our fellow human beings.

Why “Earth Tribe”?
We are all members of Earth Tribe and we all bear a responsiblity to protect this planet, for the well-being of all species including Man. It is time we reconnected with who we are and the need for a sustainable future before it is too late.

In time, Earth Tribe hopes to provide the tools and resources to take action. So stay tuned as we build our resources.

We also seek to hear your voice and to publicize what you are doing to help your Earth. Every day we hear bad news if we follow the media. But there is so many good things to report about the activists who are making a difference – on a local level and a global level. If you have a story to tell, in words, photos and/or video, please let us know. We offer the opportunity to publish it on Earth Tribe (Use the contact box below to get in touch).

If a 12-year-old boy and people in their 80s can galvanize thousands of people to take action, so can you. The challenges are immense. Yet never before has it been so easy to get a message out through modern media and rally support for a cause you support. In this world of 24/7 communication and growing Internet reach, activists are taking charge and making a difference.

We cover everything from peaceful protests to direct action that has resulted in activists being jailed. Check out the stories on Earth Tribe of activists around the world who have taken the plunge and got involved.

Welcome to Earth Tribe!

Earth Tribe Editorial Team

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