Climate change activistsAll around the world, there are activists fighting to protect our planet and protect the environment. Although there are a few politicians who have demonstrated “green” credentials, by and large all the people we can consider activists and eco-warriors are ordinary people who have risen to the challenge.

From Robin Bryan to Paul Watson, from Annie Leonard to Emily Hunter, from Alec Loorz to Sydney Possuelo, individuals are trying their best to make a difference.

The following profiles offer an insight into the work of these activists and link to the relevant books and websites.

ROBIN BRYAN – Forest protector – Check profile here.

EMILY HUNTER – Environmental activist and journalist – Check profile here.

PAUL WATSON – Sea Shepherd Society founder – Check profile here.

FRANNY ARMSTRONG – Film maker and maker of The Age of Stupid – Check profile here.

ALEC LOORZ – Young climate change activist – Check profile here.

ANNIE LEONARD – “Story of Stuff” author – Check profile here.

PEN HADOW – Polar adventurer and environmentalist – Check profile here.

SYDNEY POSSUELO – Protector of the last Amazon tribes – Check profile here.

More to come …