Franny Armstrong, ‘The Age of Stupid’ and 10:10

Franny Armstrong with UK minister Ed MillibrandFranny Armstrong is a British documentary film director known for her climate change blockbuster, The Age of Stupid, McLibel, about an infamous McDonald’s court case, and Drowned Out about a village that refuses to move for dam builders in India.

It is probably fitting that Armstrong’s thesis when she read zoology at University College, London was “Is the human species suicidal?” After producing McLibel and Drowned Out, she produced a powerful documentary called The Age of Stupid that did in a sense allude to the suicidal tendencies of the human race.

The Age of StupidThe Age of Stupid warns of the dire effects of climate change and took years to put together. But it almost did not succeed. The largely crowd-funded venture told a series of stories of people affected in one way or another by the struggle for oil and the effects of its use.

Check out the interesting story of how the film was made:

The Age of Stupid Global Premiere- a world’s first

Armstrong went on to found 10:10, a climate change campaign that encourages all sectors of society to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 12 months. The acmapign is said to be active in over 50 countries and build up massive support, including Microsoft, Adidas and a Premier League football team, Tottenham Hotspurs.

Armstrong’s film company, Spanner Films

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Story on 10:10

Armstrong: ‘My carbon footprint has shot up since I’ve become a successful campaigner’

Resources to take action

Check out the 10:10 campaign.

There are 100,000 people pledging to cut their carbon emissions by 10%. The campaign is active in more than 40 countries.