‘Swimming’ to the North Pole

Pen Hadow swimming

Briton Pen Hadow voiced a warning. On his epic journey solo in 2003 from Canada to the North Pole, he should have been walking and pulling his sled for most of the journey. He ended up having to swim sections of the route, pulling his heavy, buoyant sled behind him.

Hadow has warned that the Arctic ice cap is melting and shrinking fast. He’s experienced this first hand and fears that one day it might be possible to paddle a boat to the North Pole in summer.

Hadow founded Geo Mission, a pioneering environmental sponsorship organization, which engages global businesses with scientists addressing the major environmental issues of our time. Under this, the Catlin Arctic Survey has been carrying out vital research how greenhouse gases could be speeding up the melting of the ice cover and how all this is affecting marine life in the Arctic Ocean.

Latest figures and surveys in from the survey make harrowing reading. The latest news can be found here in the Catlin Arctic Survey.

Hadow has traveled solo and unaided to both poles, feats once thought impossible. He comes from a family that spawned Antarctic explorers and had a nanny who put him through a unusual “polar conditioning program” at an early age. Check out details of Hadow’s Geo Mission

Pen Hadow and his mission