Occupy Our Food Supply

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With agro-giants taking over control of the world’s food supply and turning agriculture black with GM crops and dangerous pesticides and herbicides, activists are calling for people to “occupy your food supply” – put food back under the control of the people and pursue more sustainable and eco-friendly farming and food production practices.


Occupy Our Food Supply – Day of Action
Organizers call today’s Occupy our Food Supply day of action a resounding success. The day included more than 100 events across the globe, united an unprecedented alliance of more than 60 Occupy groups and 30 environmental, food and corporate accountability organizations, and featured prominent voices including Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva, music legend Willie Nelson, actor Woody Harrelson, authors Raj Patel, Anna Lappe, Gary Paul Nabhan, author Michael Ableman and Marion Nestle, among others.

Vandana ShivaVandana Shiva: Create Food Democracy, Occupy our Food Supply
The biggest corporate takeover on the planet is the hijacking of the food system, the cost of which has had huge and irreversible consequences for the Earth and people everywhere.

Judge sides with Monsanto over small organic farmers
On February 24, Judge Naomi Buchwald handed down her ruling on a motion to dismiss in the case of Organic Seed Growers and Trade Assn et al v. Monsanto after hearing oral argument on January 31st in Federal District Court in Manhattan.

Video on the court action against Monsanto

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